Eliminated [verb]

Definition of Eliminated:

remove, throw out

Opposite/Antonyms of Eliminated:

Sentence/Example of Eliminated:

Under the program, investors may defer, reduce, and potentially eliminate their capital gains tax if they invest their gains into such communities for a certain length of time.

Once you do so, there are even more ways to make your typing faster and eliminate typos.

Another factor was its decision in 2016 to eliminate the broad provider network offering and sell a plan offering only a narrow network of doctors and hospitals, allowing it to benefit from lower rates from its providers, according to Mahaffey.

The book essentially revolves around one main principle of eliminating drama from your life by behaving like an adult.

The customer’s attorney reviews all the documents in the e-closing room, eliminating the need for banks to send huge paper-stuffed packages to law offices.

“If medication eliminates the need for special planning, design or facilities, the individual is determined not to be eligible,” Schupp wrote.

Before that, it revoked a proposed rule aimed at limiting water pollution caused by sewage-treatment plants and eliminated an established rule stopping coal companies from dumping waste into water sources.

For now I’m putting my laptop in a padded sleeve before packing it, but it would be nice to eliminate that step.

It has eliminated funding for the World Health Organization.

The central bank, which houses the fund, has met fierce criticism for its handling of Tangen’s recruitment, specifically for failing to eliminate potential conflicts of interest relating to his personal wealth.