Eliminates [verb]

Definition of Eliminates:

remove, throw out

Opposite/Antonyms of Eliminates:

Sentence/Example of Eliminates:

In one case, where Mark has a slur on physicians, Luke eliminates it.

Now the alternative tendered by Sokrates neither includes these pleasures nor eliminates these pains.

This eliminates the idea that the cave adapted the animals for the life in the dark.

Experiment is made under conditions always complex, the enunciation of the law eliminates these complications.

One of these pluggers declares he blesses the rejection slip because it "eliminates so many quitters."

Water taken into the system this way induces a healthful perspiration which eliminates the bodily impurities.

The tendency may have been born with him, but good training eliminates it to a great extent, if not entirely.

In no case should the mixed milk be used in the preparation of starter, as this eliminates all opportunity for selection.

This eliminates all profits intervening between the maker and the retailer.

It eliminates the brave, the adventurous and the aspiring, and leaves only the timid, the sluggish and the grovelling.