Eliminating [verb]

Definition of Eliminating:

remove, throw out

Opposite/Antonyms of Eliminating:

Sentence/Example of Eliminating:

Therefore, Socialism by eliminating the Capitalist would make life impossible to many who now live.

Saving of missionary money by eliminating duplication of missionary grants by competing denominations.

Eliminating the Bax book, he began to go conscientiously through the others; the task opened into a joyful journey.

Perhaps I had made a mistake, I reflected, in eliminating formal discipline as far as possible in the shipboard routine.

This process of eliminating competition has gone on with remarkable swiftness, so that we have now the great Trust Problem.

He believed that his plan was working well, since it was eliminating the comparatively innocent from the guilty.

A tone may be "attacked" with a nasal or throaty quality, and then be improved, by simply eliminating the objectionable quality.

They can also be used as general announcements by eliminating the portions referring particularly to the charge accounts.

Eliminating the idea of mechanical vocal management does not imply the abandonment of methodical instruction in singing.

The explanation assumes these difficulties to be eliminated, but does not suggest the means of eliminating them.