Ellipse [noun]

Definition of Ellipse:

circuit, revolution

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Sentence/Example of Ellipse:

That spread, Rothermel found, drove outward in a thin, expanding edge along an ellipse.

That something, according to new simulations from Nesvorny, is most likely a Neptune that slipped outward on an orbit with a just-so shape—one that falls somewhere between a perfect circle and a more severely squashed ellipse.

The eccentricity of an ellipse is a measure of how stretched out it is.

The pattern of light in your eye, on the retina, is, of course, in the shape of an ellipse.

In an orbit made elliptical by the planetary attraction the sun necessarily occupies one of the foci of the ellipse.

The longer axis of the ellipse is itself in constant motion in the direction in which the earth travels.

The form is an ellipse with axes of 620 and 513 feet, the building covering nearly six acres of ground.

The disk was an impossibly long ellipse now, surrounded by a vast array of smaller bodies, fragments and contents of the ship.

An ellipse is a figure bounded by a continuous curve, whose nature will be shown presently.

That an ellipse may be given any required proportion of width to length by locating the foci at the requisite distance apart.