Elliptic [adjective]

Definition of Elliptic:

bumpy, uneven

Opposite/Antonyms of Elliptic:

Sentence/Example of Elliptic:

The female has two breasts, rather elliptic than round, placed near the arm-pits.

Immersed in a subject with which they were all familiar, they were allusive, elliptic, and persistently technical.

It is elliptic; revisere being understood, or some similar word.

Planet, plan′et, n. one of the bodies in the solar system which revolve in elliptic orbits round the sun.

Like the functions sine and cosine, the elliptic functions have addition theorems, e.g.

When Newton's law has been substituted for Kepler's we still know only elliptic motion.

Here, the windows in the body of the building take flattened elliptic heads; and they are divided by one mullion and one transom.

Tid-an, evidently preceded newes in the sense of inteligence, and may not newes therefore be an elliptic form of new-tidinges?

They all had eight truck wheels under each, and elliptic steel springs.

Valve linear-elliptic; axial area a stauros widened outward and unilateral.