Elongated [adjective]

Definition of Elongated:


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Sentence/Example of Elongated:

While the first one elongates the purchase process but makes declining very easy, the second one is more optimized with its one-click checkout options either way.

That’s because you want the pillow to relieve pressure on the bottom shoulder by lifting the head and elongating the neck.

It was bordered by trees for almost its entire length on both sides, and it was shaped like a enormous, elongated comma.

The thin lips and pointed chin of the elongated face suggest the fox.

Jake was clubfooted, lumbering, with his jaws grown into great jowls of bone, his arms elongated and ending in hooks.

At OLearys call, the elongated figure pulled up abruptly, and Drinkwaters gipsy face loomed high in the door-frame.

His feet are strong and made for digging; the metatarsus is elongated, and he has five toes on each foot.

It stands in a quadrangle, roofed in, and above rise some of those curious elongated domes we saw from the boat.

On passing the sun, the rim of Venus was elongated as though attracted.

In another one-celled animal called vorticella, part of the cell has become elongated and is contractile.