Elongates [verb]

Definition of Elongates:

make longer

Synonyms of Elongates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elongates:

Sentence/Example of Elongates:

As the hind foot elongates the index will increase; elongation of the hind foot is interpreted as a specialization.

As the tail elongates the index decreases and as the tail becomes shorter the index increases.

To give the first bite the caterpillar elongates its body, and carries its head as far forward as possible.

The proboscis of the male is about a foot long when the creature is at rest, but elongates under excitement.

Then a thick thread is emitted from one or both extremities, which elongates and becomes branched in a pinnate manner.

The root grows only at the end, from a point just behind the tip; the stem elongates throughout its whole length.

At the base of this anther-tube rises the pistil, which gradually elongates, and like a piston forces out the pollen at the top.

A two-layered hemisphere is thus established which soon elongates, while its opening narrows to a small pore (fig. 55).

The former of these elongates itself in succeeding stages into a process of both epiblast and hypoblast.

After the formation of the mouth the body elongates, remaining however cylindrical.