Elopes [verb]

Definition of Elopes:

run away to be married

Synonyms of Elopes:

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Sentence/Example of Elopes:

Fast-forward, we borrow that car to drive from San Francisco to Palm Springs, and we eloped!

Suffice it to say, a mutual passion was conceived between the two cousins, and my father persuaded her to elope with him.

I assure you that I wouldn't offer to elope with a suffrage tract, or a skirted treatise on socialism.

I've never done anything romantic in my life, and I've always wanted to elope, or something.

A couple of months ago she did me the honour to elope—temporarily, of course—with M. Paul Destournelle.

I could not elope with the shadow, it slipped away when the horse started, and waited on the road for its lawful owner.

She sees the major's wife come to urge a vain prayer that he should desert the army and elope with her.

Husband: Just this morning he said, "Pop, you tell mamma to come back quick or I'll elope with the ice man."

The Baron had pleaded his cause eloquently, as he thought—had won Christabel almost to consent to elope with him—but not quite.

I tell you they positively decline to elope until after they tell the whole damn family.