Else [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Else:

Everything else-even endowments given by private persons a few years before the Act was passed-was swept away.

He wandered else-whither, and came to something afterwards, poor Spaen.

You deliberately set out to marry, or else-how tie some emotional cable onto me.

This way shalt thou leave, other-else thou shalt go it on thy foot, for wit thou well thy horse shall be slain.

Many of the original settlers have died; yet, like people else-where, their offspring outnumber those deceased.

Many such aspire angrily after that Somewhere-else of the imagination, where all troubles are supposed to end.

And it is that Something-Else in us which makes the significant part of us, which sets our value and place in the scale of being.

He had engaged to stay; and, indeed, he asked himself what person, what objects or interests there were to take him else-whither?

The pajamas dropped from his hands and his eyes took on that somewhere-else, far-off look, don't you know.

The widower's morning awakening was frightful above all things else-his awakening in the large bed that now had but one pillow.