Elsewhere [adverb]

Definition of Elsewhere:

in another place

Synonyms of Elsewhere:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elsewhere:


Sentence/Example of Elsewhere:

We have seen enough elsewhere of the multiplication of Commentaries on the Sentences of the Lombard and other scholastic works.

Hence their presence elsewhere, in spite of their passionate attachment to their free native hills.

In fact, one evening, his wife and children deserted him entirely and went to settle elsewhere, thinking it was all over with him.

English Agriculture has a thorough and cleanly aspect which I have rarely observed elsewhere.

He gave little heed to the play; his thoughts were elsewhere, and, while they rambled, his eyes wandered round the house.

In France the habit of snuffing was the most popular mode and to this day the custom is more general than elsewhere.

My sense of injustice was touched; and I determined I would, like Tom, if the opportunity served, seek my fortune elsewhere.

The facility of manufacture and cheapness of those engines caused them to be much used in the mines, and also elsewhere.

With deep personal sadness I learn that your country has urgent need of your great experience elsewhere.

Such are the things achieved at home; let us now consider what has been done elsewhere.