Elude [verb]

Definition of Elude:

avoid; escape

Opposite/Antonyms of Elude:

Sentence/Example of Elude:

It seemed every time Mahomes tried to work his magic, eluding defenders, making his signature sidearm throws on the run, KC receivers would drop the ball.

One mutation, called E484K, which emerged independently in the variants seen in South Africa and Brazil, has shown signs of eluding antibodies produced either through the natural immune system or therapeutic drugs.

Another danger can arise if a mutation helps the virus elude the body’s immune response.

Despite their best efforts, translating this prowess into a digital, artificial computer “nose” has eluded scientists.

Personal excellence continues to elude me, but I have voluntarily subjected myself to many torturous workouts over the years, in the irrational belief that getting marginally faster will provide some measure of redemption for my myriad failures.

Jackson moved straight up the field and then cut to his right, eluding Titans safety Kevin Byard.

The etchings may have served as a massive astronomical calendar or offered tribute to the gods, though their actual purpose still eludes historians.

It’s not exactly under the radar — nothing gets social media talking like a Shondaland production — but the show’s Christmas Day launch still may have eluded you.

For a second Marius considered whether he might not attempt to elude Garnache by a wild and sudden dash towards his men.

There seems to be one oath of this description which bids fair to elude all guess-work as to its origin or meaning.