Elusive [adjective]

Definition of Elusive:

evasive, mysterious

Opposite/Antonyms of Elusive:

Sentence/Example of Elusive:

For the most part, these mountain lions are staying elusive and sticking to eating their natural prey.

If seed rounds are becoming more elusive, maybe skip on that last hire, extend the runway, and try to gain some revenues.

This allows us to dramatically increase our digital inventory and efficiently offer this incredibly elusive audience to a whole new set of advertisers.

They must make assumptions not only about the virus’s biology, which remains far from fully understood, but about human behavior, which can be even more slippery and elusive.

However, establishing a causal relation between approaches to phonics instruction and gains in real reading has been more elusive.

Watson remained an elusive runner this year, his fourth season.

The country’s recovery has been slow and elusive in the wake of a stringent, months-long lockdown that drove it into a deeper recession than most of the world’s large economies.

His hopes are still alive, though, that he’ll be able to grab one of those elusive NFL jobs — to be one of the few to kick for a living.

Additional observations of HD 106906 b could help us determine how to go about hunting for the elusive Planet Nine, too

Based on the past 18 months, we should take the elusive Scott at her word.