Elvish [adjective]

Definition of Elvish:

frisky, playful

Synonyms of Elvish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elvish:

Sentence/Example of Elvish:

It seemed odd to them that men had once worn so elvish an attire.

The laugh was light and mocking, a tinkling, elvish sound which the Highlander frowned to hear.

In manner he seemed elvish, or shy, with a habit of staring on the ground, as if he would find a hair.

But we never heard any elvish arrow whistling after us, or saw any more of the uncouth folk.

Birds were singing everywhere, and the green of new leaves clothed the land in elvish loveliness.

There is that elvish love of the full moon, as large and lucid as a Chinese lantern, hung in these tenuous branches.

There were games being played and dancing and much elvish love-making, too, I think, among the moss-branch thickets.

They call their tubs and stools by quaint, elvish, and almost affectionate names, as if they were their own children!

His Titania (also engraved in the Shakspeare Gallery), overflows with elvish fun and imaginative drollery.

There at the ladder's foot sat the elvish toad, and it seemed to me that it looked pitifully up at the light.