Emanate [verb]

Definition of Emanate:

come forth; give off

Synonyms of Emanate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emanate:

Sentence/Example of Emanate:

On Twitter, the nearly verbatim language emanated from about two dozen accounts through the summer.

If you recall that distinctive tang of fresh pavement, what your nose is picking up is the volatile organic molecules emanating from the petroleum-based material.

They show the expanding limits of a ray of light—and everything else—as it emanates from an initial event, such as an explosion.

Earth’s field, for instance, emanates from its inner “dynamo,” the current of liquid iron churning in its core.

These force fields — the same entities that emanate from fridge magnets — surround Earth, the sun and all galaxies.

The worthy Germans, who think everything excellent that does not emanate from themselves, copy this custom most conscientiously.

It may be said that an earnest Barrister should be clean shaven, but the remark would only emanate from those who are bachelors.

It would, indeed, be disrespectful in the listener not to pay intelligent heed to the discourses which emanate from the pulpit.

No such crude claims as these emanate from the skilled advertising agents employed by the Sanatogen people.

But it was not from the members of the Chamber that the movement was to emanate.