Emanates [verb]

Definition of Emanates:

come forth; give off

Synonyms of Emanates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emanates:

Sentence/Example of Emanates:

By the time I started boulder-hopping across a small stream emanating from Fairy Falls, a delicate 200-foot cascade, Brian and I were practically alone on the trail.

When Fitzpatrick arrived last year, he said, the “constant competitiveness” that emanated from Tomlin struck him.

In this year’s campaign, major technology companies say they have stopped similar activity emanating from Russia and other countries before the efforts gained significant traction.

During a flight in August 2018, the telescope detected 6-micrometer infrared light emanating from a region near the moon’s southern Clavius crater.

The color emanates from these creatures on the molecular level, and isn’t very long-lasting.

My brother was right, Monkey-face has constantly cheated us; it is evident that this deed emanates from him alone.

It emanates from the essence of the Creator, forming the basis of all subsequent emanations.

Savage or primitive man observes that all brightness emanates from the firmament above him.

Ornamentation which emanates from these centers or when used for borders, if appropriate in design, is usually successful.

All power is vested in the emperor, and all authority emanates from him.