Emanation [noun]

Definition of Emanation:

emergence, discharge

Synonyms of Emanation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emanation:

Sentence/Example of Emanation:

I do not know whether the females in this species be subject to the periodical emanation.

I speak of sound as a material emanation, because whatever sound comes to us through the ear comes from some material source.

On his way back he encountered Miss Mercy Chant by the church, from whose walls she seemed to be a sort of emanation.

The peaceful nocturnal roar of the city, dwindling every moment now, reached them like an emanation from another world.

This latter condition saves the Neo-Platonic conception from being a pure system of emanation like some Indian doctrines.

The only difference is that the emanation from God takes place without motion and without time.

Nay, the doctrine of a divine will scarcely has any place in the form of emanation taught by Plotinus.

For at bottom the soul is the same in essence and unchangeable in all men, because she is an emanation from the Unchangeable.

Intellect is the first emanation, Soul the second, Nature the third and Matter the last.

All the difference appeared to be, that there was an absence as of some evil spiritual emanation.