Emancipated [verb]

Definition of Emancipated:

set free

Synonyms of Emancipated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emancipated:

Sentence/Example of Emancipated:

My foundation is ending the year with a renewed focus on our mission to give our emancipated foster youth a brighter future.

I am quite sure that were I young in these emancipated times I should take full advantage of them.

Above all, he must have emancipated himself, although in a friendly way, from the influence of Nicholas Rubinstein.

He was somewhat inclined to sybaritism; not quite emancipated from the tendencies of his bourgeois youth.

Man at last is emancipated and is now beginning to take his place side by side with woman.

Reason had been more completely emancipated at the Reformation than it was at first at all aware of.

As for Diard, now emancipated, he speedily grew accustomed to win and lose enormous sums.

Publius and Terentia were unmarried at the death of Gaius, who had emancipated none of his children.

Indifferent was M. Louis, for whom it was the last day of servitude, a slave become emancipated, rich enough to enjoy his ransom.

It is exceedingly rare for any one to be emancipated from the tyranny of prevailing dogmas.