Emasculates [verb]

Definition of Emasculates:

weaken, deprive of force

Synonyms of Emasculates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emasculates:

Sentence/Example of Emasculates:

America still struggles with the assumption that it’s emasculating for men to be with powerful women — even the jokes about Bill Clinton potentially becoming “first dude” in 2016 are testament to this fact.

Then, by a curious contrivance, he made the fierce hunter emasculate himself.

This is an invitation to all who can to emasculate themselves.

We should be obliged to emasculate Socialism, to dilute it, in order to win a support of questionable value.

And, as with other masculine and muscular females, her progeny are neuter working-females (sterile) and emasculate males (drones).

Among decadent races and savages, the emasculate sons of deteriorate mothers assert their masculine authority otherwise.

We have made good escape from the emasculate life of yon City, and we have vowed not to let the spirit of gentle manhood perish.

To say that one would be inclined to a belief if only the Church would approve it, is to emasculate one's own intelligence.

They, too, read to be distracted, choosing an emasculate literature which panders to their essential dilettantism.

Why must Northern publishers expurgate and emasculate the literature of the world before it is permitted to reach them?