Emasculation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Emasculation:

No good political economist approves the emasculation of private effort by Government subsidy.

This has, in the course of time, led to national emasculation.

Language has to be softened down for singing, as it need not be for speech; and this softening approaches to emasculation.

I would risk violence a thousand times than risk the emasculation of a whole race.

They would have resisted at all costs national emasculation such as the said wrongs imply.

To overthrow the power of the Church only was to do nothing in a society perishing from material decay and political emasculation.

According to this, then, emasculation is agreeable to God, and renunciation of love and marriage is a worthy deed.

As the anthers ripen relatively sooner in this species, emasculation must be performed at a rather earlier stage.

The emasculation is a secret rite and takes place under the direction of the chief Hijra priest of Behechra.

The interval between emasculation and fertilisation must be rather longer.