Embankment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Embankment:

One car went over a guard rail on the Beltway’s Outer Loop and down an embankment near Connecticut Avenue.

The embankment or road-bed was commenced by gigantic piling, and is very broad and substantial.

Huge, dim forms rushed alongside the embankment, making unearthly sounds.

You must pull yourself together or you'll go stark mad, and then you'll probably go and throw yourself over the Embankment.

The car dashed over the embankment, demolishing many yards of stone wall and coming to rest in a valley hundreds of feet beneath.

Presently, I heard it at my own level—the ridge-top of the opposite embankment, a hundred feet or more away.

With a frantic effort we broke the rail, and all tumbled over the embankment with the effort.

The brickmaker thinks you fell in the water by imprudently venturing too near the slope of the embankment.

There is not a railroad embankment in the world that has been built long enough for such immense trees to have had time to grow.

Across the ravine is McLaw's division, behind an embankment which extends up the hill and into the woods along the Telegraph road.