Embarrassed [adjective]

Definition of Embarrassed:

in social difficulties

Synonyms of Embarrassed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embarrassed:

Sentence/Example of Embarrassed:

Convinced King was “the world’s most notorious liar,” the FBI director sought information that would embarrass King and induce him to step aside as leader of the civil rights movement.

Several Democrats, embarrassed by the entire process, joined with Republicans to pass a resolution denying that Congress, the courts or any tribunal could reverse the 1876 election results.

Instead, we are home, missing the good and the frustrating and weird parts of our families and creating new traditions with our children — ones that will undoubtedly later embarrass them.

We’ll continue to talk openly and learn more about female physiology and not treat it as something to be embarrassed by or ignored.

Edna was a trifle embarrassed at being thus signaled out for the imperious little woman's favor.

She was even meditating a retreat, inexplicably embarrassed, when an inner door opened and Lady Victoria entered.

Frederick, embarrassed, thought his sister was carrying the jest too far.

Embarrassed and ashamed, she was obliged to confess that her knowledge of the language was confined to one quotation.

It failed to secure the capital it sought and was seriously embarrassed throughout its three years' existence.

Avoid crossing the room alone, and never run, even if you feel embarrassed, and wish to cross quickly.