Embarrassments [noun]

Definition of Embarrassments:

humiliation, shame

Opposite/Antonyms of Embarrassments:

Sentence/Example of Embarrassments:

Murphy resisted, telling Wolf that “it was improper to hold a vetted intelligence product for reasons for political embarrassment.”

I have been struck by the intensity and complexity of emotions displayed by these people, including anger, resentment, embarrassment, hopelessness, fear and resolve.

Despite the ongoing embarrassment and the new costs to emerge, a Cisterra principal who cut the deal with the city and Shapery defended it.

To avoid embarrassment and truly rank for important trending searches in an authentic way, follow these dos and don’ts.

They were clearly willing to endure discomfort rather than the embarrassment of overreacting.

Hereupon he was caused much embarrassment and discomfiture, for of the three girls, he knew not which one was Irene.

He jumped to his feet and wrung both her hands and kissed them to her great embarrassment.

This saves the embarrassment of crossing the room entirely unattended, while it shows others that you are a resident at the house.

He could not deny that many times before Black Hood had beaten him to the solution of crimes, much to his embarrassment.

My arrival placed the good old gentleman in no little embarrassment: his house was also already filled with travellers.