Embed [verb]

Definition of Embed:

sink, implant

Synonyms of Embed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embed:

Dig up



Sentence/Example of Embed:

If you missed the event, you can watch the entire thing in the embed below, or catch up on our reporters’ perspectives in the live blog below.

Often a whining bullet grazes us; but most of them fly above us right across the hollow, to embed themselves in the further side.

Something whizzed past her, to embed itself in a tree trunk six inches from her head.

More or less of the emery will embed itself in the lead, and thus act as an abrasive.

It is not rule-of-thumb to find the tension in plain concrete and then embed steel in that concrete to take that tension.

As I rose, a Cayuga youth seized me and threw me heavily against the post I had seen the woman embed in the mud.

Still another development was to embed the antenna wires in the wings of the plane.

The pea did not embed itself deeply into the gardener's skull as William had sometimes thought it would.

Insert the glass eye edgewise through the opening, turn it in position and embed it in the clay.

They soak this material very thoroughly, embed the roots in it, and outside this material they apply some water-proof covering.