Embedded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Embedded:

The house itself was embedded in a thickly-wooded garden where the trees were just budding into leaf.

If you can overturn a rock whose roots are embedded in the depths of ocean, you may hope to turn him from his purpose.

It lives in the large intestine, especially the cecum, with its slender extremity embedded in the mucous membrane.

The anchor ties are connected to girders embedded in large concrete blocks in the foundations of the approach viaducts.

Whenever they passed an embedded fakir, they obtained an incantation from his lips, but still Baal-Zeboub failed.

Once he was forced to halt and, in the dark, loosen and pick out stones embedded in the mud bottom narrowing the passage.

Though giants are often phlegmatic, his big frame embedded highly-strung nerves.

Each egg appeared to be larger than a large hogs-head, and was partly embedded in bales of cotton-wool.

The summit itself is like the thin end of a wedge thrust up from the mass in which it is embedded.

Nothing in the world but a row of green glass bottles turned upside down and embedded in cement!