Embellished [verb]

Definition of Embellished:

make beautiful; decorate

Synonyms of Embellished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embellished:

Sentence/Example of Embellished:

To achieve that, they can embellish their SEIR models by adding more structure into how the disease spreads.

He was liberal towards men of letters, and embellished Rome with some splendid edifices.

It is seen through the medium of painting and poetry, and embellished by a certain idealisation.

Again, my gloomy abode had been embellished by the presence of Angiola, so good, so gentle and compassionate.

From this Htel de Ville 'the numerous statuettes with which the building was once embellished have all disappeared.'

The poorest of those infidel dogs have homes of white marble and enchanting gardens, embellished with limpid fountains.

The house was also generally embellished and set in order, and some new furniture brought in.

If one thing be embellished, and another thing embellishes it, could we say that the embellished thing reacts?

The fertile imagination of the narrator embellished everything.

Since the Peace, the City has been very much augmented and embellished; so that there are few Towns that outstrip it.