Embellishes [verb]

Definition of Embellishes:

make beautiful; decorate

Synonyms of Embellishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embellishes:

Sentence/Example of Embellishes:

If one thing be embellished, and another thing embellishes it, could we say that the embellished thing reacts?

It embellishes the denizen of the city, and hides the nakedness of barbarism.

The material style of her beauty was of that sumptuous order which wealth embellishes to its greatest perfection.

The charms and graces of existence, whatever ennobles and embellishes life, we owe mainly to them.

The City seems give up to snow; which I can't say it greatly embellishes it.

Victory, the constant attendant upon her favourite hero, embellishes the prow.

An abundant vegetation, diversified by the existence of a climate which has now been acquired, embellishes the earth.

Like Pascal, he makes the heaviest subject light; like Burke, he embellishes the barrenest.

Something nearly similar embellishes our own literary history.

To make her irresistible, a pure ray of celestial light embellishes her spirit and makes her amiable from every point of view.