Embellishments [noun]

Definition of Embellishments:

beautification; decorating

Synonyms of Embellishments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embellishments:

Sentence/Example of Embellishments:

At the same time, he artfully exploits the power of simplicity by letting the imagery speak for itself, without embellishment.

In 2020, designing wasn’t about styling or embellishment but about coming up with down and dirty solutions.

It was similar to the way a pianist plays chords with the left hand, while using the right hand to play the melody and improvised embellishments.

For the embellishment of this city, many Toltecs are said to have been called in from various towns, by the orders of Quinantzin.

Heaven forfend that change in any shape, whether of embellishment or of decay, should fall upon that cottage!

Archelaus, king of Macedon, made use of Zeuxiss pencil for the embellishment of his palace.

But the question arises, whether this is an historical land-mark, or a poetical embellishment?

The question will, of course, remain—In what proportions has he mixed history with imaginative embellishment?

There is throughout a unity of purpose in the explication and embellishment of history which will be considered later.

The most common expression of any passion may be tolerated, when the music, not the poetry, is to form the embellishment.