Embitterment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Embitterment:

Limerick is still a cardinal memory in the long story of Irish embitterment.

Embitterment or wildness may exhibit itself, just as sorrow and softness, during the stay under arrest.

Yet his growing embitterment did not make itself felt at once.

The old unhappy loss or want of something had, I am conscious, some place in my heart; but not to the embitterment of my life.

Antagonism would almost inevitably ensue; the more surely as the partners would set out with the embitterment of a divorce.

On the way home he continued to murmur murmurs of embitterment to himself.

Is there nothing hellish, and of everlasting embitterment in the recollection?

But the slightest embitterment of feeling removed all scruples in favour of sacred buildings.

In the meantime the canvass had mightily tended to additional embitterment.

Street brawls arising out of the embitterment of feeling were not infrequent.