Embodies [verb]

Definition of Embodies:

represent; materialize

Synonyms of Embodies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embodies:

Sentence/Example of Embodies:

Ultimately, “Wayward Sisters”’ failed spinoff attempt embodied the Supernatural producers’ shortcomings rather than its creative evolution.

The piecemeal rollout embodies many of the challenges in America’s coronavirus response.

The Experiential Learning Center features hands-on activities that help you understand the rewards, challenges, community life and skill sets that embody Army life.

If you think about the way cities used to work a generation ago, there were these iconic figures that embodied the spirit of the city.

By all accounts, Trebek embodied these trivia ideals while also being a genuine and gracious human.

Few policies embody the city’s old politics quite like the coastal height limit, a measure approved by voters in 1972, which limited new development to three stories in the city’s beach communities.

As a critic, I can say that he embodied, embraced or inflamed almost everything ugly in American culture, past, present and perhaps future.

Women everywhere were interested in embodying that power in a way that felt like we could take up a little more space.

Driven by courage, authenticity, resourcefulness, and excellence, we pride ourselves on embodying these core values in every aspect of our business.

Tucked within the borders of Prince William County, Manassas has embodied many of the ­changes occurring in Northern Virginia.