Emboldened [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Emboldened:

Some of the things that were put out were emboldened by our political climate and racial division.

Swinney is clearly emboldened by the success of his program — five straight CFP appearances and two national titles — and his say-anything madness is often entertaining.

The housemade sausage, a pork link emboldened with brisket fat, snaps on first bite, its richness cut ever so gently with pickle brine.

How the passing offense succeeded late, even though the Giants often knew passes were coming, emboldened the players as well.

Winning at any cost or by stoking a voter’s fear of an already marginalized group of people only emboldens those who want to see America weakened.

Some of his comments on Homer Smith were not very complimentary, and this emboldened Eloise to tell him who her real father was.

Her favourable looks emboldened him to speak; and after the formal salutation, "Great Queen, live for ever!"

Verily, the spirit of that Filipina in an American would have emboldened her to wear—bloomers?

At length, emboldened by the long and patient watchfulness of his enemies, the Huron attempted a better and more fatal aim.

But instead of disconcerting, that inquiring gaze rather emboldened me.