Embossed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Embossed:

Jenny went and returned with an embossed card, "It is a young gentleman—mustache and lavender gloves; oh, such a buck!"

The old man is laboriously reading the same chapter from his old, greasy, and bethumbed embossed Bible.

Then from its embossed sheath Napoleon drew a wonderful sword with a handle in the shape of a golden fleur-de-lis.

She was arrayed in a magnificent silk gown having a long train decorated with embossed flowers.

Peter learned to read with his fingers in 1853, and was given a New Testament with embossed letters.

Both dishes appeared to Foster to be made of embossed gold—or brass, but he knew and cared not which.

The dots and dashes representing the words were not drawn with pen and ink, but embossed on the paper with a metal stylus.

The design, if there is any, whether it is embossed or enamelled, must be carried out before cutting it to size.

When the design has been pierced or embossed, the laps can be bent over a piece of metal equal in thickness to that of the pad.

If the design is to be embossed, it should be done before the strip which holds the cover in place is soldered on.