Embraces [verb]

Definition of Embraces:

hold tightly in one's arms

Synonyms of Embraces:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embraces:

Sentence/Example of Embraces:

Considerable quantities of chromic iron are found on the hills in this area, which embraces about six hundred acres.

No—go when we will, and where we may, we shall hold ourselves amenable to defend and protect the country that embraces us.

The shepherd turns away, he says, the goats on the left, and embraces with his right hand the well-deserving lambs.

The congregation of our Parish Church is tolerably numerous, and embraces many fine human specimens.

The whole building really embraces three sections, and these were originally separated by heavy blank walls.

The eagle is a bird of large ideas, he embraces long distances; the continent is his home.

When love overflows, loving words, loving embraces, or loving gifts instinctively follow.

This infinite acts as if it were the idea of the boundary, but it is contained by what embraces it exteriorly.

This sect, which embraces many of the most holy and learned men, is rapidly spreading and becoming a power in the state.

It is not love, but the desire of riches and position which makes a woman run into the embraces of an indolent husband.