Embracing [verb]

Definition of Embracing:

hold tightly in one's arms

Synonyms of Embracing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embracing:

Sentence/Example of Embracing:

Producers couldn’t embrace a full story-verse built around women, and the show continued to uphold a dudebro-centric worldview.

It shines best just cooler than room temperature, when the indistinct but comforting aromas and flavors of a garden in bloom embrace you.

Last year, electric scooters were booming in big cities across the United States and other countries as urbanites embraced a relatively novel way of getting around town.

My tentative hypothesis is that the average outdoorsy person’s love of nature has less to do with scenery and sporty fun and whatnot than it does with being embraced by the world.

Since an outside researcher like Anna Tuchman would have a hard time getting a bunch of firms to suddenly embrace this kind of experimentation, she thought about another method to measure advertising, what’s called a border strategy.

The Senate floor usually is a place where senators congregating for votes embrace and gather in clusters, but as the pandemic raged in the spring, senators heeded calls to spread out their visits to the floor and refrain from kibitzing.

Some of the upstarts are trying a subscription model—asking users to pay a modest fee for investment or overdraft services—but it’s unclear how consumers will embrace this.

Publishers have also embraced partnerships, both with other publishers and by reaching out to brands and other collaborators across industries.

At the virtual Fortune Global Forum earlier this month, a panel of digitally savvy CEOs told Fortune CEO Alan Murray the crisis has helped convince even skeptical CEOs that they need to embrace new technologies as quickly as consumers.

To meet these challenges, the state and local coastal communities must embrace change and encourage policies that increase access.