Embroider [verb]

Definition of Embroider:

add fancy stitching, adornment

Synonyms of Embroider:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embroider:


Sentence/Example of Embroider:

The women of the interior spin and weave for their household, and they also embroider very beautifully.

The girls used to sit about indoors and embroider—oh, everlastingly!

I am glad that one of my friends was artistic enough to embroider some fine handkerchiefs for me with a beautiful initial.

Madame Rasmussen sat down to embroider some cushions to put in the window, for the chaplain could not bear the slightest draught.

She may do needlework or embroider altar-cloths, but she must not shoot with a pistolet or play with a sword.

Embroider daisies in Lazy Daisy st. at base of every alternate smooth stripe of yoke as illustrated on dress.

Oh, this accounts for twelve covers at supper and the embroider'd bed; but who could have set such a jest going?

Here are all the letters of the alphabet, too, and now it remains only for you to embroider your name in the cross-stitch.

At the second rehearsal Velluti began to embroider (fiorire).

Maud did embroider a banner once for her brother; it is in the hail.