Embroidered [verb]

Definition of Embroidered:

add fancy stitching, adornment

Synonyms of Embroidered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embroidered:


Sentence/Example of Embroidered:

A leather swordbelt, gold-embroidered at the edges, carried a long steel-halted rapier in a leather scabbard chaped with steel.

She had herself embroidered them to look like a pair worn by the rich lady whose husband owned the plantation.

Here it seems to mean a gold-embroidered band, worn as a chaplet.

His tobacco pouch, which he laid upon the table, was a fantastic embroidered silk affair, evidently the handiwork of a woman.

Violet embroidered two beautiful eyes in black and white, and a jet black nose-tip.

Her foot, thrust into a heel-less Tunisian slipper of blue velvet embroidered with seed pearls, beat the floor impatiently.

Bruce took out his embroidered pocket-handkerchief, redolent with scent, and blew his nose affectedly.

He was fanning himself impassively with a little fan of gold-embroidered strawwork.

One lad found a rich dress, 'a magnificent robe of ceremony—white velvet embroidered with gold.'

As the symbol of possession, these had raised the embroidered banner of their seigneur upon the terrace of the splendid building.