Embryonic [adjective]

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Before Dolly, most scientists doubted that a mammal could be cloned from an adult cell, although some cases of cloning from embryonic cells had been reported.

Throughout the 1980s, narratives in video games were still in an embryonic stage.

In her laboratory, she was asking about the respective roles of genetic preprogramming and environmental influence in embryonic development.

The strong probability is that this gland belongs in the same category with other embryonic survivals yet to be pointed out.

When an embryonic heart or liver is called on to do a job for a mature organism, there is only one way out.

The entire activity of this embryonic female reduces itself to this gesture; the greater part of her great sisters know no other.

The embryonic development of a human being is no different from the embryonic development of any other animal.

Over and over the employers have crushed the embryonic unions only to see them rise again with added strength.

The gaps geology shows are thus filled by present forms and what both lack, by the embryonic recital.

The whole edge of the blastoderm is thickened, but this thickening is especially marked at its embryonic end.