Emendations [noun]

Definition of Emendations:

a revision

Synonyms of Emendations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emendations:


Sentence/Example of Emendations:

The suggested emendation satisfies the conditions, and makes better sense.

Giffords emendation to lived for the sake of grammatical regularity, which is followed by all later editors, is unwarranted.

The translation of this line is founded solely on a conjectural emendation of the text.

One instance, though practically certain, is the result of conjectural emendation.

It was not what Caroline meant to say, but she accepted the emendation, with just the slightest air of deprecation.

The text is based on an emendation of Graetz, following the Syriac.

Jerry delivered her polite emendation with irresistible drollery.

In 1901 Hommel abandoned Peiser's emendation and suggested two alternative schemes.

Indeed, so close is their resemblance that it is quite possible from the one text to secure the emendation of the other.

Schmid would read borh-bryce; see p. 541; but this emendation seems needless.