Emerge [verb]

Definition of Emerge:

come out, arise

Synonyms of Emerge:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emerge:

Sentence/Example of Emerge:

TikTok has rejected Microsoft’s acquisition bid, and Oracle emerged as the dark horse partner.

While your typical customer journey might depend on your industry and business, chances are good that you can find ways to enhance it with emerging technologies.

Slack is emerging as the de facto remote headquarters for millions of knowledge workers around the world.

It is true that guidance that originally emerged included recommendations against mask-wearing.

To slash emissions affordably, countries around the world—particularly emerging economies with fast-growing energy demand, such as India—will need to make fossil-fuel use cleaner in addition to expanding use of renewables.

He navigates a narrow turn, descends more stairs, and emerges in the kitchen, where his mother, Elisabetta, is cooking.

When that happens, the workers let all the queens emerge at once, notes Gard Otis.

Few brands will emerge from 2020 unchanged, and that may be a silver lining.

Even the businesses that emerge from this pandemic intact face an uphill battle for continued survival.

The north coast is also home to spectacular beaches, especially Dorado, an emerging surfing hub.