Emerged [verb]

Definition of Emerged:

come out, arise

Synonyms of Emerged:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emerged:

Sentence/Example of Emerged:

Extreme event attribution is an emerging scientific field that has allowed scientists to study how human-induced climate change is connected to extreme weather events.

Vox Media is also facing a moment of transition as it emerges from the first few months of the pandemic.

First seen as the lead of the athletic art-pop stalwarts, Roxy Music, he shed the avant-garde cardio of his albums from the ’70s to emerge in the early ’80s as something more like a lounge singer permanently employed on a luxury cruise.

Unlike last year’s ceremony — which found Spanish phenom Rosalía sweeping several closely watched categories — no big winner emerged from this year’s telecast.

As the pandemic first emerged early in the year, many federal agencies switched to what government calls “maximum telework” status, in some cases with nearly all of their employees working remotely.

The little-known Wood came on strong before the March shutdown, emerging as one of the few big men with upside in this year’s class.

When this dish emerges from the oven, the first thing you notice is how gloriously cheesy it is, with an alluring, golden-brown crust of nutty, funky gruyere.

“The End of October” A virus emerges in Asia and then goes global, devastating an ill-prepared world.

As in the work of James Schuyler, whose spirit often seems to hover over these poems, it is life itself — mortal, splendid, quotidian and almost unutterably beautiful and precious — that ultimately emerges as the book’s heroic protagonist.

At first, it was driven by businesses resuming, schools reopening and people emerging from their homes.