Emergencies [noun]

Definition of Emergencies:

crisis, danger

Synonyms of Emergencies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emergencies:

Sentence/Example of Emergencies:

Special contrivances, wonderful in their operation, were invented to meet exigencies and emergencies.

He tilled his fields, herded his flocks, attended him in war, and assisted him in special emergencies with money.

They were not to be turned over to the regular coal yards; they were to be side-tracked and held for emergencies.

I never used either stiletto or tomahawk unless absolutely necessary, reserving both for great emergencies.

I keep it for emergencies, as the men are not allowed to use it while on duty.

He had also great coolness and self-possession in emergencies.

It is always well to have a few plants in reserve for just such emergencies as this.

The master of men and emergencies was unthroned for one time in life.

For possible use in future emergencies, I offer this explanation.

These methods are more fully taken up in works devoted to emergencies and will not be discussed in detail at this time.