Emergency [noun]

Definition of Emergency:

crisis, danger

Synonyms of Emergency:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emergency:

Sentence/Example of Emergency:

Congress has already approved roughly $3 trillion in emergency spending in response to the coronavirus pandemic, and Pelosi has called for much more.

An emergency like a rapidly spreading virus, though, requires swift action, which most courts have acknowledged, he said.

If you can’t make it to the polls because of an unexpected illness, you may qualify for an emergency absentee ballot.

Bishop’s injury was unfortunate, but Dallas had a backup in place who was equally as good, if not better, to take over in case of emergency.

Harris and Newsom spoke to emergency personnel at Pine Ridge Elementary School in Auberry, about an hour east of Fresno.

He also is acclaimed for his work as a designer of emergency shelters for victims of earthquakes, floods, and war.

San Diego Gas and Electric took me on a virtual tour of its emergency operations center late last month before the Valley Fire broke out.

We also ran an emergency podcast Thursday night because the one we recorded earlier in the day was completely irrelevant by the afternoon.

Instead, the free-standing emergency room charged his insurance company an astonishing $10,984 for the visit — and got paid every penny, with no pushback.

Of course, unlike home cooking, there’s no emergency frozen pizza lurking in the freezer if things go sideways.