Emerges [verb]

Definition of Emerges:

come out, arise

Synonyms of Emerges:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emerges:

Sentence/Example of Emerges:

The rent for which the owner can lease it, emerges simply as a consequence of the existing state of wages and prices.

It is surprising to see what a small sheep emerges from the fleece when the shearing is done.

Enter from the south, a cloud of dust, out of which emerges the Mounted Advance Guard of the column.

The owner of the arm emerges the next instant, shaking back her long black hair.

The important fact emerges that the Hebrew words were divided by points, and the verses by vertical strokes.

Intelligence will be the deep, the reserve, the spring which after long digging emerges between the rocks.

Is it any wonder that crime emerges out of such cruel and unequal conditions?

At first the scene is chaotic enough, but, by aid of an arrangement in alphabetical groups, cosmos soon emerges.

It has a swift current, but does not form rapids; to the south is seen the portal through which it emerges from the mountains.

Before the Manifold emerges into the larger stream it has pursued a subterranean course for several miles.