Emerging [verb]

Definition of Emerging:

come out, arise

Synonyms of Emerging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emerging:

Sentence/Example of Emerging:

Models such as contextual targeting, however, which has been around since the start of the programmatic era, are re-emerging as an approach of choice for advertisers seeking to provide a positive user experience for potential customers.

The thick torso of a man who squatted like a toad could be seen partly emerging from the shrubs.

Emerging from this we came into the castle court, the center of the small plateau on the summit of the rock.

In this city he encountered his former ranking officer, shorn of all his possessions, and just emerging from an insane asylum.

Emerging on it, Lamb lit a cigaret and went back around the block to Engel's place.

Still others may have survived by adapting themselves to the changed conditions, emerging as new species or well-marked varieties.

In the first place, the Earth was thought to be an island emerging from a boundless ocean, the island having infinite roots.

"You'll win your bet," she answered, and stood leaning against a tree with a curious look emerging and receding in her eyes.

Richard sprang breathless to the ground, and stood face to face with Godfrey, just emerging from the tent.

Emerging from this defile, it crosses the French frontier, and joins the Meuse near Montherm.