Emigrants [noun]

Definition of Emigrants:

person who leaves his or her native country

Synonyms of Emigrants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emigrants:

Sentence/Example of Emigrants:

We had fallen in with the advanced corps of the Emigrant army under the command of the Prince of Condé.

The army of emigrant nobles at Coblentz, within the dominions of the King of Prussia, was rapidly increasing in numbers.

It is said to be not unusual, for the peasantry of Liverpool, to speak of Mr. Bell, as a benefactor of the emigrant domestics.

The messenger reports that they are on the march from Fort Bent with an emigrant train, and will not be here for a week.

They had been turned back from the emigrant station on Ellis Island, and were now sadly returning to Liverpool.

About the Amateur Emigrant, it shall go to you by this mail well slashed.

Knowing his peculiarities, I think he would probably wait until he found an emigrant ship well laden with women and children.

The emigrant from the sandbanks of Cape Cod revels in the profusion of the opulence of Ohio.

Does crossing the sea change or annihilate the churchmanship of the missionary, or the passenger, or the emigrant?

Auberry thought that it was perhaps some west-bound emigrant or freight wagon, or perhaps a stage with belated mails.