Emigrating [verb]

Definition of Emigrating:

move to new country

Synonyms of Emigrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Emigrating:

Sentence/Example of Emigrating:

The Blackwell family emigrated from England in 1832 and eventually settled in Cincinnati.

Fearing Beijing’s increasingly harsh approach to the city, she refinanced her Hong Kong apartment, converted the Hong Kong dollars to foreign currency, and emigrated to Prague earlier this year, joining a growing wave of Hong Kong emigrés.

Many more have emigrated, and as Britain’s new citizenship pathway for Hong Kongers takes effect at the end of this month, hundreds of thousands more could leave in the coming years.

Dort grew up in Montreal-North, where his parents settled after emigrating from Haiti, and soccer — not basketball — was his first choice.

Rem Em emigrated from Cambodia in 2002 to help take care of a grandchild with leukemia.

What part of the great continent shall our destination be—shall we emigrate to the North or South?

The Marquis d'Esgrignon, though not having to emigrate, was still obliged to conceal himself.

Those who do not dwell in the equatorial countries emigrate every autumn, just as your birds do.

The guardians were authorised to emigrate poor persons, whether in receipt of relief or not.

Forty or fifty night-walkers were sent every week to Bridewell, and numbers were induced to emigrate to the colonies.