Emigration [noun]

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Chuseok, too, is a kind of new year for my mother and her emigration from Korea.

Emigration is now proceeding with gigantic strides, and is destined for some time to continue.

But this great re-emigration produced evils of no common magnitude in Brazil.

For this reason they introduced the subject of emigration to Canada, and a proper institution for the education of the youth.

This important inquiry we shall answer, and find a remedy in when treating of the emigration of the colored people.

The train of baggage, which is always sent on before on these occasions, resembles a small emigration party.

Made lieutenant of the dragoons when only eighteen, and followed the princes in emigration as a point of honor.

Whatever the motive, however, rate-aided emigration remained in disfavour.

He formed a design for making these lands more subservient to the purpose of emigration than they had hitherto been.

The result of all this wretched misgovernment was not merely destitution bordering on famine, but a wholesale emigration.