Emigres [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Emigres:

Some say he's a wealthy emigre turning his talents to account.

And was that a social circle of Russian emigre, a certain set of Russian emigre?

That's correct, because being of the same nationality, I thought he was hurting all of our emigre here in Dallas.

Now, among the Russian emigre group in Dallas, did you ever know of anybody that you even thought might be a Communist?

He was an old emigre gentleman, blind and penniless, who was playing his flute in his attic, in order to pass the time.

I had my suspicions, having just come from an emigre party where the Marquise was hating and praising him as usual.

It's neither here nor there, of course, but those French emigre parties they almost make you cry.

I wanted to know more about Monsieur Peringuey, and the emigre party was the very place to find out.

He only came back to Paris in 1795, having thus become an emigre.

You do not understand how delicate the position of an emigre is towards those who are now in possession of his property.