Emitting [verb]

Definition of Emitting:

diffuse, discharge

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Sentence/Example of Emitting:

When researchers fired beams of electrons at ice samples to simulate the radiation that regularly lashes Europa’s frigid surface, they noticed that the ice emitted a faint glow that varied depending on which minerals were present in the ice.

The ice samples all gave off a whitish glow, because they emitted light at many different wavelengths.

Microbes and animals living in the soil emit this greenhouse gas.

The ultraviolet light was at wavelengths emitted by molecular hydrogen — the type of glow expected of sprites or elves on Jupiter, whose atmosphere is made mostly of hydrogen, rather than nitrogen.

Yet when the hole emits the equivalent of 100 kilograms in radiation, that radiation is completely unstructured.

Particles can absorb or emit Z0 bosons without changing identities.

Meanwhile, Erwin Schrödinger’s quantum mechanical wave equation unlocked the atom, providing an elegant quantitative explanation for the colors of light emitted from various types of electrified gases.

The researchers used a satellite called HaloSat launched in 2018 to measure x-rays emitted by oxygen in the circumgalactic medium.

In fact, cargo ships account for three percent of all carbon dioxide emitted into the air each year.

Already they have removed one-quarter to one-third of all CO2 that people have emitted.