Emollients [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Emollients:

No soft hand of woman smoothed his pillow or relieved the agony of pain and suffering by the timely opiate or emollient.

Ben rushed, and had an emollient; spouted again and was corked; again, and received a neat red-waxen stopper.

The bowels have been kept open from the 19th, by the occasional use of emollient injections.

It was attempted to relieve this induration by emollient fomentations.

He must have seen that its effect would only be to irritate a spirit needing an emollient.

The relief from the bandage, and the emollient poultice applied by Lettice, had in all probability saved the general's life.

His eyes lighted up with the advent of an emollient hope, and a half-smile touched his lips.

The root is a good substitute for licorice, is emollient and has an agreeable taste.

The fruit is emollient by virtue of the large quantity of mucilage it contains, but it is more interesting for other properties.

The seeds are emollient, laxative, diuretic and emmenagogue; they contain an oil to which we shall refer presently.