Emotionalism [noun]

Definition of Emotionalism:

emotion, belief

Opposite/Antonyms of Emotionalism:

Sentence/Example of Emotionalism:

It is apt to confuse vague emotionalism and even hysteria with communion with God.

The very period which produced the rationalism of Maimonides gave birth to the emotionalism of the Kabbala.

Let there be none of this horrible emotionalism, this undignified welter of thought and feeling.

Normal control, conventional standards, old careful habits of conduct, were broken through at a time of excessive emotionalism.

That sort of courage is seldom moral; it is, at bottom, emotionalism.

Was not all other reason and logic merely a spurious emotionalism?

They have acquired this power without any religious emotionalism, without subscribing to metaphysical or economic theology.

Normal man, whose emotionalism is (like woman's intelligence) a borrowed faculty, differs essentially from her in this.

The other enemy to rational judgment—and rational judgment must be the only basis of arbitration—is the danger of emotionalism.

His own voice shook a little on the last line and he was a trifle amused at his emotionalism.